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2011-01-09 15:07:06 by sal3302

Thank you to everyone who played my first flash game Sonic on Yoshi's Island
With all the feedback I got about the game I managed to go back and fix what I can to make sure it plays better.

Like I have stated in the games summary, I made the original game when I was 12, and the directors cut when I was 14. I was very inexperienced with the program I was using back then. The game and all of its script is pretty much f***ed from a design standpoint. Instead of just one sonic in the game there's a different sonic for each level, same with all of the objects in each level as well as all of the individual attributes/properties that go along with everything. So it is very hard to go back and fix little things, it can end up being a time vampire.

I appreciate people who played it, its not the best Sonic game on newgrounds but it's a fast and simple platformer if you can overlook its shortcomings.

The original version of the game was the first side-scrolling game I ever made (where the camera follows the character on screen), before I used to make games with just static frames. I did not do a good job with the graphics, I just put random objects all over the place, a lot of people back then made fun of that but I didn't care, I made a damn game! Back then it was a big deal because it blew everyone's mind and everyone though I was some kind of boy genius haha.
A lot of my friends and little cousins played the game, the game eventually spawned a sequel, Sonic Chao Chaos, which had better graphics, better music and sound, and better level design as well as a storyline, I hope to upload this game soon, but after I fix it up a bit.

I designed the directors cut version of the game when I was in grade 9. I can recall many morning working on the game, I had to get up at 6 and get to school by 8 so I had a lot of time too mess around on my old computer before getting to school.
I was originally going to just remake the original game with better graphics and physics but I decided to go above and beyond. I built new levels as well as added special mushrooms.
Said muchrooms changed Sonics behavior causing him to be giant, tiny, run backwards, roll up in a ball, or even regress to what he was in the original Sonic on Yoshi's Island. I really let my creativity and originality go crazy with that game, and I enjoyed making it. I decided to add both versions, because if I just added the original it would have no doubt have been blamed the second it went up :P

It was nice to finally re-release this old project of mine, thank you to everyone who played it and those who gave feedback, good or bad, I still respected the fact that you clicked the play button.

Thanks to ArcDusky for the kind support and for playing the beta on my old NG account as well as beta testing, I really appreciate it.
Thanks to biglou2128 for playing the game both times it went up and for the constructive criticism which helped me notice things that I should have in the beginning.
Thanks to stevenhunt123 for saying "This has to be the best game you made in my opinion" that was a pretty sweet haha.
And finally thank you SlayerBlade128 for helping me fix the collision problems.
I also want to give a special thanks and shout out too two users on the site that favourited the game:
AShadeOfGray and thecocobandicootfull.
Thank you, I appreciate the support! I am very glad you enjoyed the game

And lastly thank you to everyone who played the game and rated it and to those who enjoyed the game dispite all of its shortcomings. I hope you play my next projects!

I am currently working on my next game for re-release Blob Adventure (made in 2003).
A game that is based off of the very first games I made which starred an orange blob (names Blob) and his brother bob. It uses static frame gameplay and all of the graphics were created by me using MSpaint, down to every tree and rock used in the game. The look might turn people off but I hope not! haha

Anyways, thanks NewGrounds, I only have put 1 game up and already I'm lovin the response. Thank you, I hope many of you look forward to what I upload next!

Cheers, Sal your Pal

Back to Yoshi's Island

Stepping on the scene

2011-01-07 01:42:12 by sal3302

Hey newgrounds
I feel like I should have been here 5 years ago, I guess I have been procrastinating.

So this is my first post, I wanted to talk about myself a bit.
My name is Sal, people call me "Sal your Pal".

I started making games when I was 12 years old using The Game Factory. Due too the limitations of that program I couldn't export anything in flash, only .exe and .gam. I started making games for my little cousins and then eventually it became a passion. My first side scrolling game was Sonic on Yoshis island (which should be up soon, check my profile). My friends and family loved my games and played them a lot.

I had an old account (niny322) but I decided to start a new one because I wanted to start on a new leaf (and because I didn't like the name)

Now that Games Factory 2 can export on flash I hope to re-release many of my old projects to the masses, finally.

I am 20 years old and graduating college from a 3 year program in television broadcasting. I have been told (and have a feeling) that video games is my calling so after I graduate I hope too take some classes in game design, programming, or even flash.

I hope my work is well received by the community, I am very happy to finally be able too upload my projects so I hope you stay tuned =]

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment.