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2012-04-23 10:50:12 by sal3302

As I have stated in my previous posts, I am working on rebuilding my older games to Flash and uploading them here for your enjoyment. My next project was a game I started to work on but then stopped because it was just too big in scope to finish. The game was called Koopa Kart Adventure, I started working on it back in 2009 and only made 2 levels for it. The game was inspired by Banjo-Kazooie/Super Mario 64 and it followed a Koopa Troopa adventuring around in a go kart to collect golden feathers. Every world was designed to have a racetrack embedded in it for the boss battle at the very end. The mission was to go adventure around a level, talk to people and set off scripted events and cutscenes, the structure was very similar to Banjo-Kazooie's levels.. Unfortunately the game was too big to convert down to flash, even after cutting out a lot of stuff it was still too big. I was originally going to call it Koopa Kart Adventure: Breegull island (because breegull island was the second level) and just include the second level but even that was too big and it only had 3 gold feathers and a boss battle. The final file size I managed to get it down to was 14MBs, the limit on newgrounds is 10. I might work on it again sometimes but right now I don't want to castrate my hard work. I can't take out the cutscenes since the storyline was pretty hilarious. I may just release the game as it is but as direct download, but until then I have to put that project aside, I am upset but oh well :(

The next game I am working on is a game I made entirely while in class back in college. It is pretty fun, hopefully you guys will dig it when it goes up. Its only 2MB's thankfully.
Thanks for reading!

Failed attempt...


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2012-11-22 15:36:01

Newgrounds changed their size limit to 20mb! :D