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2012-11-22 15:51:05 by sal3302

I just finished uploading my last project "BizBreaker"

Click here to play BizBreaker

BizBreaker is a game I designed for a production company called BizClip. They asked me to design a game that gives visitors to their site deals with local businesses in and around the Toronto area. In the version I developed for them, I had included QR codes that were rewarded to the player depending on how well they played (see attached photo). In the newgrounds version I replaced this with a achievement system.

I have been designing and tweaking the game for well over a month and I am glad to finally finish it. Thank you to those who have played it, rated it and left a review, I appreciate it!

I don't know when they are going to put it up on there website, but when they do I will make a post and let you guys know.


On another note, I recently discovered newgrounds has increased the size limit of uploads from 10mb to 20mb which I am very glad for. This means I can upload more games I made.

Finally got a Wii U :D
add me on miiverse: salyourpal

About BizBreaker


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