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The name is Sal, I have been making games since I was 12 years old. Don't know what else to say..

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Hey Newgrounds,
I don't expect people to read this since the internet has become such a crowded place since I was younger. I have been showing up here from time to time to post stuff in hopes I will start making more stuff but it seems like I keep saying I am working on project X yet nothing ever comes from it. Sorry if this blog post sounds depressing but I guess its just me talking to myself. I like to keep these blog posts up just for my own self reference.

So at the beginning of 2015 I decided to do this 1 game a month thing where game developers develope one game a month for the whole month, well I kind of slacked hard on that. My game for January was a collection of all the unfinished games I made when I was younger.. and thats all I submitted haha. I have the old project of what I was working on next but I remember it being an unplayable mess so I stopped. It seems like I have been putting all my time into my retail job and my podcast. I started it in 2014 and it since got picked up by a local website called RabblePress (www.rabblepress.com) and that is where all my time has gone. Also a few days ago I turned 25 and wow that sounds old. I made a joke to a buddy of mine that 25 sounds like a "better have your shit together by now" sounding age. I wish I had my shit together but then again in life you don't really know. I wish I got a job in the field I studyed in, but seems like I may be faced with the reality that I could be stuck at this retail job for a while.. How this relates to making games I do not know, but typing all this down kind of makes me feel better about my situation. I feel like I am not going anywhere but at the same time I know that it is normal for people to feel this way.

But back to games.. I WANT to say that I will make more games, but I don't know where to start. I was working on a game with my cousin in 2014 that I really want to finish, so I hope for that. 2016 seems scary to me, I don't know where to go or what areas to put my energy into. My dad was married to my mom when he was my age and yes he grew up in a different time but still.. I should have had a girlfriend by now I feel. Man dwelling on the past sucks.. I will most likely take this down.

I know 2016 will be better, I learned so much about people and myself. I want to be a different person and get my shit together. & I know I will. Hopefully that means more games to be made!


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