Where have I been?

2011-02-26 20:07:08 by sal3302

Well it has been a while since I went on Newgrounds. I have been busy finishing up my last half-semester, now that Its all over and done with I have some time to relax.

I sincerely appreciate the feedback I have received for my game Blob Adventure. I am glad not many people ripped it apart for the graphics, I did it all on MS paint when I was 12 lol

Also, my newest game Tycos Extreme Adventure has done better than I expected. It managed to be my highest rated game and most likely the strangest. Thank you to everyone who played it, I am glad you liked it for what it was. The original game has a bug in it where you could not get past level 4, I went back and fixed that as well as fixed many other things.

One of my old games that I am "re-working" on now is a little platformer called Waddle Dee Day. It's a small windowed game, its resolution is only 520x340 so things are very tight. Now of course it's a game using characters from the Kirby series (no yarn) so it has a lot of Kirby sounds. For the games music I held my old computer microphone I had at the time up to my old Game Boy Color and recorded music from the game Kirby Tilt and tumble. I was around 12 at the time so the game shows it. You could even hear me push the button on the game boy to start the music; I was quite the amateur back in the day lol.

Right now I am looking for someone who can possible draw me a picture of Waddle Dee for the title screen. The picture would have to be 520x340 and he would need to be off to one side so I can put the title in. If anyone could help me please let me know or if you already have a picture of Waddle Dee I could use please message me, I could just rescale it.

I also have some good news I hope to share in a later blog regarding where I stand with my game development career that I have going on. But until then I will be trying to find myself a job

-Sal your Pal

Where have I been?


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