Achievement Guide for Nightmare at the Manor

2014-05-26 19:57:25 by sal3302

I recently finished and uploaded a small game I have been working on for a few days in my spare time, Nightmare Adventure at Deadmoon Manor. The game has gotten positive feedback which is really sweet! I realized that the achievement and death list descriptions don't really explain much so I have made their descriptions avaliable here. Spoiler alert.

Death List

=Get turned into a frog.

"Consumer proposal"
=Get eaten by Drac the vampire

"What a knockout!"
=Get beaten to death by Hans

=Drown in the swamp

"You mat bro?"
=Get turned into a doormat

"That looks dirty..."
=Get pulled underground and eaten by a zombie

"Believe in your selfie"
=Get turned into a portrait

"Is this fur real?"
=Get the best ending


"Get inside"
=Get inside Deadmoon Manor

"How 'art' thou?"
=Met Celeste

"Burning Bridget's"
=Meet Bridget

"Give him a Hans!"
=Meet Hans

"I vant to meet you"
=Meet Drac the vampire

"Got Carried away..."
=Befriend the Swamp Horror

"Left 4 Dead"
=Run away from the zombies

=Drink both red and green liquids

=Obtain all collectables (Tomatoe sauce, old candle, duster and the moonstone)
You must have collected them all at one point across any amout of playthrough

"Die Hard"
=Complete the 'death list'

"Product placement"
=Give away a product

"Best ending"
=You can figure that one out yourself.

Thanks for playing the game!


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