Small Games Collection Volume 1 Achievement Guide

2014-07-16 11:15:41 by sal3302

Just uploaded my latest project Small Games Collection Volume 1. This is a collection of 3 small games I made when I was a kid that were too small to remake individually. So instead I put them all together into one game. I plan on creating Volume 2 when I have time.

Hope people enjoy it for what it is and find fun in it. I spent a decent amount of time putting this together and time as a kid making all these games. I am still looking into remaking more old games while at the same time also working on original material too.

Anyways, here is a list of all the achievements in Small Games Collection Volume 1 along with details on how to unlock them all. If you get all the achievments then you will unlock an embarassing picture of me as a kid making games on my old computer.


"Finish a game"
Finish a game in Duckie Bouncer by keeping the bomb out of the bathrub until time expires.

"Brick Breaker"
Break every brick in a single game of Duckie Bouncer.

"Hit the top"
Bounce the bomb off the top of the screen in Duckie Bouncer

"Go for a swim"
In Mario Mazes at the start of the game go left into the water.

"First maze"
Complete the first maze in Mario Mazes

"Another Maze"
Complete 2 mazes in Mario Mazes

"All mazes clear!"
Complete all mazes in Mario Mazes

"Pointless menu button"
Click the pointess menu button in Emoticon Fun

"Score 100"
Score 100 goals in Emoticon Soccer

"Wings of love"
Collect all the hearts in airplane soar in Emoticon Fun (this one is tough)

Complete Nerd Maze in Emoticon Fun

Dodge the lambs for 60 seconds without getting hit in Emoticon Fun

"They still suck Sal..."
Play every game in the collection

"Emo gamer"
Play every game in Emoticon Fun

Read the backstory on all the games.

Thats it, thanks for playing!


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2014-07-21 13:46:49

For future reference: If you intend on using my work, please credit me somewhere within the body of the work it was featured in...


sal3302 responds:

I apologise for not crediting you in the game itself. Your music really made the collection, when I have time I will be sure to go back and give you credit within the game itself!